Celebrating 25 years Dry Ice Cleaning

Supplier and entrepreneur of highly efficient equipment

HotBlast CryoClean - 30300 Volt Dry Cleaning of live electricity. New offering.

Airport runway CryoClean for runway lights

During 25 years of business with Dry Ice Blast Cleaning, we have developed several new areas for efficient, economic and environmental safe use. All of which creating more opportunities for you and your customers.

Dry Ice Blasting is an environmental friendly method for industrial cleaning and surface treatment. It reduces the cost of waste disposal and risk of unwanted disruption in production. Our long experience and innovations creates more opportunities for you and your customer.

HotBlast- CryoClean system for live cleaning of Hot Electricity installations up to 30300 volt. HotBlast has been developed by us and used commercially for 10 years in the electrical industry, The system is tested and documented by Sintef (NTNU) in Trondheim Norway.
-Supplier of one man operated cleaning equipment for landing and taxiways lights on airfield runways.

CryoTechnich products equipment for Dry Ice Blasting is marketed throughout the word. Innovative, versatile and reliable equipment creates more opportunitiesfor you and your customer than any other brand.